Fall of the Empire Limited Edition Enamel Pin

$ 12.00

1.25 Inch Gold Hue and Mirrored finish pin. 

Have you found yourself at the fall of an empire? Consumption got you down? Have conspiracy, theatrics, and the rising tide of reality televised fascism LIVE brought you to your thirsty knees? Has the past, and it's shadowy illusions of golden endless youth and prosperity crept up into your periphery like the pitchforks all aflame in city streets that forgot their names? Have you heard the silence? Have you tasted the decadent late stage capitalist revelry? Has the helter skelter age old tax shelter finally shed its last trappings and boldly told you its truth? The future is now, weed is in the electronics and police are killing in the streets. We still don't teleport but there are cameras between our sheets. We chew sweet lies between our teeth. Are you satiated? We have just the accessory for you.


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