Not Your Gym Buddy Pin *GOLD EDITION*

$ 12.00

Product is currently sold out

1.5 inch Limited Edition Enamel Golden Pin

"He told me once as the smoke cleared from his lungs into mine that truth simply does not exist, and I believed him. He put his fingers past my lips and I could taste all the times he hesitated to hold a man's hand in a crowded street. His tongue was beer soaked in memories of every time I went ahead with it just because I was lonely, and he was there. That familiar feeling in your gut when the roller coaster drops or you realize he never did tell his brother you two hadn't even been gym buddies once. Not even once. "


 The first pressing sold out fast, so get these while they are available. Special gold detailing makes this edition unique from the last and it will continue to be a limited edition of 100 in the world.


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